Le coin des thèmes pour Kopete 0.12

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The Vally8's Firefox Theme

Le theme firefoxbaby Blanc
The firefoxbaby White variant

Download the theme

The pictures come from these websites : Firefox Baby SVG source et Firefox Bot.

My theme is under GPL

In order to use it, you need kopete 0.12 (currently in development). To install it, follow these instructions.

Then, download the theme

Le theme firefoxbaby Blanc Orange
The firefoxbaby Orange variant

Le theme firefoxbaby Noir
The firefoxbaby Black variant

Untar it in ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/styles/ and... congratulation !! You successfully install the theme !
To use it, run Kopete, in the menu configure then Apparence, select "Vally8 Theme Firefox" and choose your favorite variant.

*** You must "Apply" to see something in the preview area due to a current bug in Kopete.***

Have a nice chat ! ;)

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